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Posted on 10 / Jul / 2013

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand was, believe it or not, not that popular until the beginning of the early 90’s.  As technology advanced more and more countries were able to take advantage of offering cosmetic surgery to its clients due to the fact that the technology itself was more affordable.  The early cosmetic surgery machines were very expensive and some were prohibitively so which meant that, for a while, cosmetic surgery Thailand remained in its infancy or was something only the ultra rich could [...]

Posted on 23 / May / 2013

Because there are over thirty symptoms of menopause making sure they are all kept at bay can be an exhaustive and prolonged experience.  When you factor in to the equation that the menopause can last for up to two years then you need to decide whether visiting the hospital constantly (every six months usually) for HRT is beneficial more than looking in to the likes of herbal supplements menopause to replace the lost hormones and restore the normal hormonal balance.

When you look at the symptoms of [...]

Posted on 23 / May / 2013

Ever since the first bumper met its first sticker vinyl stickers have been hugely popular as a method of providing great looking signage at an affordable price using a material that can stand up to the majority of the harshest elements.  One example of the popularity of vinyl stickers is motor racing.  You only have to look at the cars or motorbikes on offer to see all the sponsorship decals littered all over the bodywork and these are all done using vinyl stickers.  This is because any smooth [...]