Are There Any Fees WhenYou Want to Perform a Company Registration in Thailand?

Opting for a company registration in Thailand is great, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. More specifically, you will have to pay some specific fees for this, and those fees vary depending on the type of business you want to have and where you come from. If you are from outside the country, then the company registration in Thailand fees are a bit higher. Of course, the values listed in this article are subject to change based on any laws that may appear in the meantime.

There are 2 types of fees you have to deal with when you want to do a company registration in Thailand. Basically, you have the professional fees and the government fees.

Governmental fees

As you can imagine, you will have to pay these fees based on how much capital you registered. If the company doesn’t hire any foreigner, the registered capital needs to be at least 5 Baht, so the investment is minimal. The government fee for a company registration in Thailand in this situation is 700 for Baht 1 M registered capital.

If the company does hire a foreigner, it will need to pay 12000 Baht for 2 M registered capital and 6000 for each additional million. When you opt for company registration in Thailand and the shareholders are mostly foreigner, the registration fee will be 35000 Baht. So yes, the overall price tends to differ a lot based on the amount of foreign people that you have in your business.

Professional fees

When you set up for company registration in Thailand, you will first need to pay a professional fee of 30000-100000 Baht. The price includes setting up the new company including VAT registration and its own tax ID.

Also, if you need to get a foreign business license or a certificate for operating that business will also cost you 50000-10000 Baht. However, the best part is that you can skip this if you have a Thai partner that holds more than 50% of the shares. This is what makes the company a Thailand owned one. If you want it to be a foreign company in Thailand, then you need to pay this fee.

Closing thoughts

If you want to opt for company registration in Thailand and you want to keep the registration costs low, then you need to have mostly local shareholders. Being a foreigner that opens up a business here will be a lot more expensive, even for the company registration in Thailand process.

But yes, compared to other countries, the registration fees don’t have an astronomical price. That alone makes them stand out, and you get to get quite a lot of value for your money this way. If you want to have a successful business, it’s crucial to opt for the right company registration in Thailand process. Keep in mind that some of these prices are subject to change, but still, they do show that registering a company in Thailand is not as expensive as you may believe at first.

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